Colin Noyes

Colin Noyes is a Brisbane (Australia) based coach and consultant with extensive experience in the areas of organisational health and growth, change management, leadership development, recruiting/staff development and coaching. He works closely with an international team that designs and field tests creative training strategies; trains, equips and works with leaders on strategies for building healthy organisations that optimize individual performance.

As part of his personal and professional development he has been a pastor, a business owner, a trainer, college principal/lecturer and a consultant/coach to consultants, coaches, businesses, churches and nor-for-profit organisations. He worked for many years as a member of the CoachNet® Global Team that developed the CoachNet Coach Training Process, and has implemented the process in Australia and around the world.

Colin works closely with a group of international authors and publishing groups to provide a large range of resources that are found on and are being used by Christian leaders, coaches and individuals around the world. These resources include topics such as Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Leadership Development, Goal Setting, Team Building as well as Coaching, Church Growth and Church Planting. The resources are designed to help Christians reach their full potential in whatever field of ministry they are working.

Colin is currently the CEO of ResourceZone.  He is married and is actively involved in the lives of his three children, enjoys reading and travel and finds pleasure in his 1968 MGB tourer.

Colin can be contacted by email at