The Risk of Evaluating your Coaching Relationships

One of the things coaches least like to do is take stock of how well they are doing in their coaching relationships. The very line of inquiry puts us in a vulnerable position. After all, people would tell us if something was wrong, wouldn’t they? Or we’d sense it, wouldn’t we? Probably best to just continue along a smooth path without throwing potential barriers in our own way.

Yet by having the courage to ask the hard questions – the ones we may not like the answers to – we can model precisely the kinds of qualities we are helping to develop in those we are coaching. Those qualities include courage, resilience, a commitment to doing your best, and a reliance on God for our self-esteem rather than others.

If you’re willing to take the risk, here are some good questions you can ask:

• What progress have you made through our coaching relationship so far?
• What am I doing (or not doing) that is helpful to you?
• What do you wish I would do more often?
• What changes might be helpful?

Note that none of these questions have pre-conceived answers or lead people toward particular conclusions. The goal is to foster honest communication. To the end, you should take the posture of listening with an open mind to whatever the Spirit might be communicating. The result will be stronger and more effective coaching relationships.

Dr. Bob Logan has worked in full time ministry for over thirty five years as a church planter, pastor, mission leader, consultant, and ministry coach. He is internationally recognized as an authority in church planting, church growth, leadership development and coaching. Bob’s current areas of focus are coaching, speaking, and developing leaders in missional and incarnational contexts. Bob lives with his wife Janet in Los Angeles. He can be contacted at


Coaching Resources

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